Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Back Around

 Ever since we got back from Outdoor Retailer in August, life and work, have kicked in full force. There hasn't been any time to fish, yak, or do much of anything. In the business we're in, it's feast or famine. So it's a double edged sword for me. It's good to be that busy, but hate not getting on the water. But last week I was finally able to break free from the grip of work and had a five day trip with my son across the southwest. It was our annual Dude's Trip and it was a blast. We traveled over 2100 miles during that time on remote stretches of highways and dirt roads. Basically, the middle of nowhere. 
 I'm still working on the full story, but since it's still crazy at work and don't have the time to dedicate to just a photo essay, i'll post some photos up as I go along.

Sunset and Cactus. White Oaks, New Mexico.

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