Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Outdoor Retailer 2015 Recap

What an experience. For those that might not know, Adam Hayes (co-owner of yakangler), Chris Funk and myself headed to cover Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City the first week of August. Chris and I had never been, so it was an eye opener. We were the official "YakAngler Film Crew". So our job was to film, edit, and upload as many interviews and products we could that pertained to our yakking community. It was a blast. But it was a ton of work. I shared some photos of the trip on facebook, And I figured I needed to put it over here as well. We got back Saturday night and finished everything by Wednesday.

Here's a few from our flight into Salt Lake.

Tuesday was the open air demo. I've never been to one so big. There were more sup's than anything, but it was still an amazing site to see.

Chris taking the Nucanoe Pursuit for a test drive.

Adam had his turn as well in a Frontier.

There was some beautiful scenery there in Utah. Someone needs to ask Chris and Adam about yoga girl. :)

First day at OR was a whirlwind. Shoot edit shoot edit. Run here, run there. We didn't have any down time, so we had to work where ever we could.

There were so many people everywhere. Even eating took forever. Here's Adam at the end of the line. Of course Chris and I chose a shorter line and had some of the most awesome wood fired pizza I have ever eaten while we watched Adam stand there and stare at the ground for 30 minutes.

I tried telling Chris that Root Beer isn't really beer, but i'm pretty sure he caught a buzz on it.

It was an amazing trip. I met so many great folks, and came away with some great friends. Thank you Mark and Adam for asking me to go. It was also great to work along side that 'bama boy Chris. He kept us laughing most the trip. If you get a chance to hang with that guy, do it, he's the real deal and it was a privilege to walk away with both him and Adam as friends.

Here are all the videos we did for OR this year. It's on's youtube channel. 

Thanks for coming along,

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