Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rising Water

This makes the third week in a row that my day off falls on a monsoon, so the kayak stays in the garage. I don't get along well with heavy rains and rivers anymore. I can't/won't complain about the rain, it's too precious to this parched land. We had a reservoir that had gone dry a few years ago, and after Monday nights 12 hour downpour, it's near half full capacity as of this morning. It was a great kayaking lake. Last time we could get a yak on it was 2008.
But with that amount of rain all at once, comes the inevitable flooding. We had lots of stranded cars in town, but no serious injuries or problems.
I have made it a point to get out with my camera gear around the area if I can't get out in the yak. So last week was a relaxing look at the South Concho. This week is a look at the North and Middle Concho when mother nature gets riled up. We had a great time shooting Tuesday, and watching our lakes fill up.

Here's a short video from yesterday.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Filming in the Rain

I haven't had much time lately to do much of anything outside of work, including over here. But I was able to get out on Tuesday to get a little shooting done. It was raining so I left all my regular gear and kayak at home. I threw in my cameras and fly rod and headed to the river. I had less than an hour to play, so after slinging a few flies, I got to shooting.
 This was probably the first time in recent memory I shot, edited, and finished a video all in the same day. I'm a bit picky with things, so it always takes me more time. This was more of a challenge to myself to create something out of the hour I had. This film is about a minute long. A second for every minute I was there. :)

Here is the link to it if this doesn't work above... 

Thanks for coming along,