Monday, February 9, 2015

Arsenal Rebuild

A few months before our Pecos River trip back in June 2014, I had decided I wanted to upgrade into a larger fly fishing setup since I was bringing a lot of my bigger poppers I made. I researched the frogs in the Trans Pecos region and found colors and patterns of that area to replicate. It was fun making them and day dreaming of the big bass I could catch with them. So I made a big batch, got a bigger fly box, and realized after my first trial run, my 8 weight setup wasn't going to do the trick. I found a 10 weight reel at a steal of a deal (i'm a poet and didn't know it) at a flea market near Abilene a year before. So I finished up the set with a 10 wt 9 foot Lefty Kreh rod, some way too pricey fly line and of course backing. I was set.


I only got to try it twice before it was time to leave for the trip. I felt very confident with this setup. Then of course the flood came on day 4 of our trip. We lost everything we had, and one of the victims of the flood, was my 10wt. Some items were found, but not many. My poppers were part of the group of things that they found 60 miles downriver and submerged for a long time. RIP

BUT...finally, after eight months, I have my 10 weight setup complete again. I had to piece it together since money's a bit tight. First the rod, then the reel, and late last week..flyline and backing.

It's about time. Now I just have to get on the water....and avoid anymore floods.

Thanks for coming along,