Friday, January 9, 2015

Chillin' in Alpine

 What would be a stock show without nasty weather? Another ice storm decided to hit the first day of the Big Bend Livestock show in Alpine, Texas. I'm the show photographer, so i'm out in it the entire day. I do have a roof over my head and setup, but it's an open area i'm in, and feel every breeze. I love coming out here every year. The people are awesome, the scenery is awesome,  and I get to visit my friends.
 We got out later than normal since they moved the steer show to Friday after the lambs and goats. No problem for me, it will mean less stress getting things together on Saturday afternoon after the pigs are finished and then tear down and set back up at the Civic Center for the auction that night.
 What it did mean was, it would be getting close to dark when I get back to the hotel. I had a pit stop at the local Porter's Food Mart, and as I was driving, I looked out and saw some pretty cool views in the distance. You would think after ten hours playing with a camera, I would be ready to toss the thing out the window. But no, these are the things I live for. So I drive a couple of miles towards Fort Davis, but the ice was starting to come down again. I pulled onto a little turn in for a ranch and got out to play. It was cold. For us Texans, it feels like ever bit of warmth has left our bodies. We're talking Antarctic cold. It was every bit 26 degrees. :)

  Here's a few shots I could get while battling the arctic chill.

I was only about 2 miles outside of town, so it was a quick return. Fortunately, my heater in the room had been working properly, so it was nice to finally take my coat off.

After 20 years of coming here, I still feel the excitement every time I turn on 67 just outside Fort Stockton and make that last 60 miles to Alpine. I don't think that will ever go away.

Thanks for coming along,

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