Monday, January 26, 2015

Beautiful Day...Stuck at Home

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Mid 60's, light breeze. But my day was already spoken for with many activities that had nothing to do with fishing. I had about an hour, and since i've stream lined my tying kit to a very simple and portable setup, I can get things going quickly. So I setup...outside.

I was just messing around with a few things, and not getting in a hurry about much. It was beautiful out there. Short sleeves and natural light. (natural light as in the sun, not the beer). I had all my materials to start working on some spinning clousers I have been wanting to try and spent a ton of the time getting those itty bitty teeny weeny #12 crane swivels onto the #1 split rings. BTW, these split ring pliers are awesome. I got about two dozen ready to go with blades attached. Then I realize that my already narrow window to tie is closing fast. I tied a clouser real fast as a refresher before I started the spinners. 

 Then about the time I got my 60 degree hook in the vise, my wife got home with all the groceries in the car...and I knew at that point, my window to tie has closed. I had a ton of prior obligations to do and had to call it a day for tying. But it was still fun...while it lasted. At least I was able to get outside and think about fishing.


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