Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Peaceful Day Off

I'm one of those people who seem to have a hundred things going at once. I'm usually getting pulled in every direction and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. About 10% is actual work related, and the other 90% is things i'm passionate about like photo/video work, designing stuff, kayaking related things, etc. I do it to myself, so I don't complain. But out of all the things I really needed to get done yesterday, fishing wasn't on the list. So the night before I tried to figure out a game plan for the day and how I can get it all done.

Then it hit heck with all that stuff, I need to get on the water. Plus I could test out a few things I need to review in the future.

So off I went. I dropped the kids off at school and headed to the river. It was a little chilly... well 40, which is chilly for Texas. I was surprised at how thick the fog was as I made the twenty mile trek to the drop in. It was a pretty cool start for a trip. I got there at 8:20 and began to unload as well as take pictures of the area blanketed in the morning fog. It didn't last too long, but made for some fun photos.

What was better than anything, was there was no wind. And around these parts, that's a very rare thing.

I slowly made my way down river, casting along the banks and trees, and pretty much just enjoying the scenery. Since I wasn't fighting the wind like I always do, I was able to play around a little more with the camera when I saw things that looked cool.

Even the deer where taking it easy. They didn't see or hear me paddle up withing 50 feet of the group, but when I tried to get the camera out of the case it spooked them. One did turn around for a quick look, and then vanished.

Once I dropped down my first hurdle, I figured it was time it get the fly rod out and test out some new poppers I built a while back. They worked great and held together through a few terrible casts, until I got my rhythm. lol

Hurdle #1

They made a nice sound as they plugged along.

 The fishing was real slow, but so was I, so it didn't really matter. I was having a great time. I was able to land four in the time I was out. Two were nice, and the other two were...well, small. I was so glad just to get on the water, catching fish was just a bonus.

 My wife told me no shave November is over, and she refused to believe me when I told her they had extended it this year. Why won't anyone believe me. I read online, so it has to be true. Anyway, this little dude had some odd spots on him. They looked as if that's how he was made, not a sickly kind of thing, but what the heck do I know.

By about 11, the sun was out and warming everything up. I started shedding layers in hopes of not sweating so much, it is December you know. The wind was still at rest. I went about everything I did very quietly, so as to not wake the sleeping 30mph breezes.

Overall, another absolutely beautiful day on the water. I was off the water and back home early afternoon as the temperatures peaked at 66 degrees. I have noticed that the more beautiful the day, the less fish I catch. But yet I leave with a more relaxed and focused mind. Whereas some days I may catch 25 fish, but fight 35mph wind and come off the water with a "yeah, it was ok" attitude. I guess i'm glad i'm not just in it for the fish.

Thanks for coming along,


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