Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pecos River Teaser

 As time keeps moving on, there are so many things that fall by the wayside, never to be thought of again. Or at least not for a long time. The Pecos River trip back in June is not one of those things. I think about it often. Not as much about the flood, or the loss of gear, or any of the negative things that surrounded us during the end of the adventure. No, the things I have been thinking about are the bright spots from the trip. The camps, the endless rapids, the wild horses, the canyon walls that reached so high it looked as if they touched the clouds. Even Bert's deer sausage brings back some fine dining memories. We chowed down on it while relaxing after a set of big rapids that had it's way with us, and a day earlier waiting on Dan and Ryan to get back from a spring recon mission. Just little pieces from an amazing experience I don't want to forget.
 But it's a lot of work to get all that video and photos together. Then get it in a working video that you hope will bring the viewer along with you for the ride. It's too easy to find a back burner for such a project. Especially when the previous days on the trip were extremely overshadowed by the last 12 hours and a chopper ride.
 Well, I figured it's about time to at least get started on all the video that I took from the trip. So Sunday evening I began a very difficult task of getting everything somewhat organized. Then the process of watching them all again (hence the memory spark) and getting where I can use them. I realized very quickly how the beginning was easy to start editing with. Tripod, composition, timing. Then at mile 2, I took a bad spill, flipped and lost some gear. More unexpected, I lost a big chunk of my confidence and the "i'm a seasoned river runner....i'm in control" arrogance so many of us pretend we don't have. That hole was soon filled with self doubt and hesitation. Not a good combo on day one. Still makes me mad thinking about that sometimes. But it got better. Much better. Although after that, I started noticing my filming became more sporadic and all handheld. I was focusing more on the river than my documenting it. The plan had changed without my approval...and there was nothing I could do about it. (obviously i'm not much on giving up control). The next few days I did get quite a bit of video....quite a bit of shaky, spur of the moment, and ill timed video. It reminds me of a quote from online I saw years ago, "Looks like you filmed that with a potato." Needless to say, it is taking a long time to get some of these videos in working order.
 BUT...I have a start.  Here is a quick teaser from the first part of our trip.

Even after everything...the good, the bad, and the ugly...this trip is still the highlight of my river career.

Thanks for coming along,

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