Sunday, September 28, 2014

Quick Popper Fix

 I realized a few days ago that some day soon I will have a day off again. Things are starting to slow down and I can feel the excitement. It's been over a month since I was on the water, it's looking good for this week. My only problem is i'm down on poppers. I've given a bunch away and lost a couple last time I was out. So tonight it was time to tie. I already had a bunch painted and ready, so I whipped out all my tying gear and got to work. I ended up with only five since I was watching the Cowboys vs. Saints and it was quite a distraction.
 Overall, the poppers turned out pretty good. There were a few problems that kept plaguing me like thread breaks, tyer error, broken feathers, torn legs, and the Saint's suddenly coming back to life in the second half . But everything worked out...the cowboys and the poppers. :)

I had fun coming up with different ways to do them. They should all have great action on the water, especially the ones with the wider bodies. We'll have to see this week. I can't wait.

Thanks for coming along,

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