Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Gear Found

WARNING FISHERMAN!!! Graphic Images! Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Pecos River Flood. June 20, 2014. We escaped with our lives, but lost all of our kayaks and gear.

Well, 50 days later, Dan's camera case is found by a tournament fisherman and one heck of a couple of cool guys that went well above and beyond to find us and return the gear. My buddy Bert wrote a story on that one here...

More things have been found. Here is another update...

 The last few days, my friends Bert and Daniel have been down south on Lake Amistad and the Pecos River. They scoured miles and miles of coastline and cane breaks. Up high, down low, you name it, searching for any sign of our kayaks or gear we lost in the June flash flood. I met up with them tonight on their way back to Fort Worth. This is all they were able to come back with. My paddle, my tackle bag, my fly box full of poppers, lure bag, and my camp duffel full of stuff.

This stuff had traveled 50 miles from where we were camped that night nearly two months ago. It looks like it was submerged most the time.

This one breaks my heart. These were the poppers I tied before we left. I spent a lot of time on these, researching the color patterns and painting to match the frogs and fish found down there.

Everything was nasty and smelled horrible. Imagine the smell underneath a pool liner after a summer full of splashing around, and of course, a fistful of sulfur shoved up your nose. It was a bit nauseating.

I was able to salvage just a few things. Everything else was laid to rest. Paddle, orange bailer, 2 packages of lures, (all the others were full of water and swelled up nearly triple their size. Very Creepy), GSI coffee press, mug, and my Jetboil Flash. I think the jetboil is hopeless, but for the price I spent on it, i'm going to try.

My camera lenses and case have yet to be found, but I guess a little is better than nothing. It was good to see the guys again, and thought I would be happy about the returned gear, but I was more bummed than anything once I got it all out. Mother nature is one crazy....

Thanks for coming along,

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