Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fishing the South Concho

 Our day started off with a major setback as my son and I prepared for an all day fishing marathon on the river. We knew this would be the last opportunity we'd have to fish like this because of school starting and my job about to get crazy. It will be fall before we're both freed up. Stupid work. :(  So it was real important to make the best of our day on the water. Then, 12 miles outside of town, and 6 miles from our drop in, my truck finally said his last goodbye. I knew it didn't sound good when we hit 70mph, so I slowed down, and it died. Stupid truck.  :(

 After about an hour and a half on the side of the road, we finally get a tow back to town from my brother. We get it to the house and unload everything. Then my wife suggests taking her car and throwing the canoe on top. The spark in our eyes reemerged and it was back on full throttle fishing mode. We got to the river at 11am, which was a far cry from our original 7am drop in time, but we have all day, so who cares.

The day was still gorgeous and not outrageously hot yet. We had lots of clouds, light to no winds, and crazy clear water. Within the first thirty minutes I had my first fish. It was a doozy for this river. It went 6.8 and the day was just starting for us.

We ended up with a total of 11 bass. There was another one that went over 4 pounds with the rest all in the 2 pounds and under.

The sun came out pretty quick, but it wasn't miserable since we were in and out of the water so much.

I grabbed the fly rod and my new batch of flies I tied so I could test them and chunked them around. They worked better than I expected.

I caught quite a few sunfish but lost my favorite popper high above the river. I was sad. Stupid tree. :(

Overall an awesome day on the water with my son. Although he had many hookups, he wasn't able to get any in the boat. I spent a lot of time showing different techniques, teaching the what and why's, and hoping he could skip the years upon years of trial and error I went through because there wasn't anyone around to show me the way. He's learning. And we even discussed our next trip which will include some $$$ incentives for big fish.  :)  That was his idea, although the more I think about it, it would be my money either way. lol
Here's my, tired, and after another hookup in a tree. I'm pretty sure his eyes behind the shades were telling me where to stick my camera.  lol

Thanks for coming along,

Oh yeah, I started my truck this morning just to see what would started right up and runs fine....stupid truck.

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