Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Day O' Dinks

But what a great day it was. I'm starting to get days off again, so I always make the best of them...regardless of the ever present wind. I dropped the kids off and made the twenty mile trek to the river. I was on the water by 8:30. The wind was not being nice, but since the river has a lot of high banks along the way, it really only affected me on certain stretches. I opted not to take my waders this time. It was hot the last week including 102 yesterday, and same for today. I'm glad I didn't, I would have burned up.

The bass were hungry. So I obliged them with some grub. I had four in the yak before 9am. It started awesome and kept on going. In all...27 bass. Now, I can't sing loudly about their sizes, only the quantity. But at least I got on the board for a Kayak for a Cure tourney i'm participating in.

In a previous post I mentioned this one stretch of river that gets extremely shallow and there is a ton of dragging. That time I brought my cart to help save my yak from the peeling of plastic. It didn't work that time because the strap broke, but I wanted to try it again. This time I used a heavier strap. It actually worked most the way up river, but man, that thing took up some space just for 100 yards. I'm still thinking on a better solution.

The vegetation was getting crazy, but just look how "fishy" this place looks.

The name of the post says it all for the day. Lots of dinks and no big hawgs. As you can see from the pic below, that was kinda the size for so many today. Yes, I know, it's a tiny fish, but check out my new costa's I got the other day. How in the world did I live without these before. Awesome shades.

As the day progressed the fishing started getting harder. It was hot and they weren't liking anything I threw at them. That gave me a little time to take on all the beautiful scenery I miss everyday that I have to work. There were plenty of deer and all sorts of other wildlife out and about today.

This big dude was chilling at one of my dam portages, so I had to pick him up and move him along. It was about 12 inches in diameter.

I saw two beavers, one alive, one dead and about to pop in the blistering sun. It was kind of sad at how much damage they were doing to all the trees though. There were a ton of downed trees they sawed through and then the wind finished the job.

Oh yeah, and this guy. He was about 10 feet from me when I realized he was there. He just moved away slowly. BTW, i'll beat you to it....No it was NOT the girlie screams that made him move on. He moved on by the pure sight of such power and muscle.

Overall, an absolutely amazing day full of catching fish. I couldn't have asked for a better one. The fish were on, the weather was great, and I wasn't working.

If you need a bump board, check out the yakangler store. I love mine, and it works great.

Here is a collage of most the fish I caught today. If they were too small, they didn't make the photo so i'm missing around 9-10.

Dinks or not, i'll take it any day of the week.

Thanks for coming along,

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