Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finished Poppers

I finally finished painting my poppers and got the epoxy set. Then I finished the tying. I just need to finish the epoxy on the thread and I will call them done. Far from perfect, but man, what a blast. I learned so many "what not to do's", a couple of "wait..what?" and only one, "why Lord whyyyyy???" (Last one was the third thread break)  I will start the next batch hopefully next week and see what I can do. This was also a lot of learning with the copic as well, but that's starting to become easier. I did buy a cheap air compressor and that will save a ton in the long run. They are all size 2. Anyway, here they are...2 bass and an attempted red ear sunfish.

I figured i'd do a group shot before they go on to their various destinations.

I only did two frogs this round because i'm waiting on materials to arrive. I didn't have the right stuff to get the legs working the way I wanted so I stopped at 2.

My Purple Derp...

I tried for a more brownish tone to this one.

I quickly realized i'm a much better painter than I am a tier. I really need to work on that.

Here was one I did for a friend at Notice the yakangler logo at the back of the lure.

The next batch will be smaller in size, probably a #2. These were a bit clunky on an 8wt, but awesome on a 10. I'm pretty sure they would work on an ultralite spinning rig.

Great, another addiction. Oh well, at least i'm having fun.

Thanks for coming along,


  1. The only problem I see is, they look to nice to use. Great job Scott!