Saturday, February 8, 2014

Traveling Billboards

There was a recent discussion on one of the fishing forums I am apart of, that talked about kayak/boat/fishing manufacturer's logos on your car, yak, boat, or where ever. The main part was, would you pay for the sticker from the company,  or would you only put them on if they're free. Lots of guys are sticker hounds and will put anything on their ride. Some are traveling billboards.
 I personally won't buy stickers from a company that I get products from. Now, if they send me some free ones, I have two conditions, 1. I like the product and 2. they have great service. Then I have no problem displaying it. The only one's I have ever paid for were the sites I am actively involved in to help support them. It's not free running those places, but we get it for free, so I have no problem helping a little. Now, the key words being, actively involved. I'm a member in tons of forums and sites, but there are only a few i'm in everyday, rain or shine, in sickness and get what i'm saying.
 So as I look at my truck, I don't see many logos. Just the sites, TKF, YA, and companies ACK and yakgear. I have written Ocean Kayak for some, but no word yet, i'm just a small fish. Then I started thinking, ACK and Yakgear were the only two that sent me stickers and they're on the truck.. So what happens if I get more free stickers and I like the product.....i'll have to put them on! Will I turn into one of those guys? I won't be able to see out the rearview mirror. This could get ugly....i'll end up a traveling billboard. Jeez, I hope Boudreaux's Butt Paste or Charmin don't send me any stickers. :)

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