Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Plano 7771 My Fly Tying Storage Solution

I decided a while ago to get back to fly tying. I bought a new Peak Vise last month and have been tying up a frenzy. My main problem has been a place to tie and something to put all my stuff in. I don't have a good place for a permanent station, so I improvised. I have a 5 foot folding table I bought from Sam's that slides perfectly under the couch and out of view when not being used. And after a ton of searching for something usable, I found the Plano 7771 tackle box. It has a ton of storage, lots of compartments for the materials I use the most, and very portable. I have only been tying clousers, wooly buggers, wooly worms, black ghosts, and similar flies, so this gives me all the space I need for now. I'm about to start poppers, so i'm sure I will need more storage space, but for now it works great. It can sit on the table along with the vise and still have plenty of room to move and find things easily. I also have the Renzetti Tool Caddy II that fits on top the deer tails when i'm finished tying for the night.

 I have another box full of tails in the closet, so I can replenish when I start running out of a particular color.

Hooks and hackle

The very top has a great spot for flash.

The side compartment fits all my tools as well as chenille and small boxes.

I found these little storage boxes at Hobby Lobby to put my beads, cones, and eyes in.

I really don't like the setup for my hooks, but it works until I think of something else. I always put the i.d. tags in with them so I can remember the product number and sizes for ease in reordering.

Marabou and things get their own side compartment up front.

Anyway, just thought I might share what I did for those who have similar space issues and don't have a full on fly tying station or just starting out in the tying world. And if I ever get to a point where I have a dedicated spot, i'll have a nice box to use for fishing.

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