Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nice Day Between Fronts

Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold. Someone just keeps on messing with the outside thermostat. I was able to get out during the one day warm spell on Tuesday, my day off. The projected forecast called for a high of 65 and 25-35 mph winds, so I took my time getting up that morning, no hurry. I didn't figure fishing would be on my to do list. I walked out at 9:15 and immediately noticed the wind...or there lack of. I ran back inside and grabbed my fly rod, fly box, and camera then hurried to the truck. Off I went within 15 minutes of realizing the day just might involve throwing a lure. I headed out to the river and after the 20 minute drive I had arrived to a secluded, windless park with lots of clear water.


I was trying to get my leader issue fixed. So I spent a lot of time casting to the same spot, a 12 inch diameter turtle sitting on a log about 35 feet away staring at me with a not so amused look. After just a few minutes of cutting down the tippet, then changing the tippet material and again resizing, it was golden. Back to my old feel fly casting. I'm glad I took another shot a the furled leaders, because I really like the ease and use of them.

Suddenly I noticed a breeze....then a little more.....then some more, but I was a castin away with out a care in the world. Then the gusts started to hit and the winds swirled around me on every cast nearly causing unwanted body piercings from an wayward fly. Needless to say, the winds had reared their ugly heads. Time to rethink my position on the side of the bank. It was really howling and I decided I had enough. It proved to be a very productive morning. It came in like a lamb, and out like a I was out, and quickly.


I still can't complain too much. It was a beautiful day. But those winds were blowing something in. So now, here we are, 16 degrees with a windchill of -2. Sunny and 74 within the next day. See what I mean, hot, cold, hot, cold.....we're all going to get sick. But at least I got to do some fly fishing.

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