Monday, February 3, 2014

Come on Weather, Figure it Out

 This weather is getting to me. Hot one day, freezing the next, then hot again. We were supposed to head north 90 miles this past weekend to do some fishing with my bro in law. It was sunny and short sleeves around here. We left at 4pm and got there to a nice winter storm. High of 30, 15-20 mph wind. So much for kayak fishing. It only got worse. Woke up Sunday morning to 2 inches of ice, not snow, covering everything. No biggie, i'll just wait until Tuesday to get on the water. Checked the weather, high near 60....awesome.....whoa, wait a sec.....25-35mph winds......I can't win.

 It was still a great weekend with the in-laws. My son, me, my bro in law, and his sons all went to the monster truck show Saturday night and had a blast. Great way to get out of the weather.

I don't think i'd last a week in the Northeast. Those guys don't even get to fish much at all during the winter. It's pretty much year round here. I had a guy tell me the closest he got to the water was when he brought his yak in the living room and sat in it. Whatever keeps you sane, I guess.

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