Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend in Alpine

 It was an awesome weekend in Alpine Texas, but the Big Bend Livestock Show 2014 is over and i'm back work...working.....
 I had a ton of fun down there getting to visit friends and family (not exactly family by blood, but the next closest thing). The weather was the oddest i've seen in a long time for any stock show. Sunny, warm, and a bit breezy some days. Usually it's freezing, snowing, gail force winds, etc..., but mother nature smiled upon us this year.
 Those guys with the BBLSA are some of the best i've had the privilege to know. There are many, many lifelong friendships made there through that show. All started by just being the guy that takes pictures of pigs and goats. lol. I think the good Lord knew what he was doing when he pointed me toward Alpine, Texas all those years ago, way back in the early nineties. Starting with Woodward Ranch all the way to the hundreds of folks I call friends there now.
 My normal photography duties had me runnin and gunnin most the weekend. I'm a bit wore out, and a little sore, and kinda wishing I could have woke up again to the sound of the Southern Pacific Railroad engineer blaring his horn 100 yards from my room. It's weird, I miss it once I got back home.
 And of course, the great trips to Woodward Ranch. Always a blessing to see the ranch and my ranch family. This trip to the ranch, like so many before it, was predictable. Beautiful scenery and peaceful serenity. Just the sound of a slight breeze through the cedars and the trickling of Calamity Creek over the rocks. The occasional splash of a fish, the distant call of a lone hawk, the buzz of a determined bee, all the things I wait to hear, sitting under the shade of the great tree down by the creek. If you can't tell, i'm not too excited to be back in Angelo. The time runs too fast. Slow down dang it, I just got here and now i'm already home.

Thanks for coming along,

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