Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It may be Cold....

But some guys are just tougher than me. I love to fish in any weather, but since I mainly fish from the kayak, mother nature does have a little say in what she wants me to do.  It may be cold, but there's fish to be caught. It's sad, i'm starting to feel like a "fair-weather fisherman". NO, I can't accept that! That's it, i'm going right now!................Holy Moly that wind is cold, maybe i'll wait a little while before I go, um, yea, I- I- I think my wife, uh, had something or other I need to probably do or something, so I probably better, you know, she's gonna be mad if I don't and all. No need to get momma mad :)

I saw this on the TPWD Sharelunker Program Facebook page. These guys show that a true winter fisherman shrugs off the wind and cold to get the job done.

Jason Lee Hanson of Athens, Texas, caught Toyota ShareLunker 551 from Lake Athens December 30. The fish weighed 13.76 pounds.

Blake Eppinette of Downsville, Louisiana caught Toyota ShareLunker 550 from Lake Fork December 27. It weighed 13.6 pounds.

Congrats gents, good lookin fish! Whew, where's my extra blanket? It's gettin chilly in here, time for some hot chocolate. :)

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