Friday, January 3, 2014

Goodbye 2013!

It has been an amazing year, but i'm glad it's done and we can get started with 2014. It has also been a tough year. Lots of ups and downs, but we made it through with flying colors. Last years resolutions were met and new ones were made. From last year......get out on the water more. Check. Update this site more. Check. Fly fish more and leave the arsenal at home more. Check. Lose some weight. 40 pounds. Check. Grow up.....still working on that one. I will be keeping these with some additional ones this year. Like, learn to fish a lake properly or sell that big boat that keeps getting me skunked. (gotta be the boat). Stop being lazy in the evenings and tie more flies. Plan more overnight river trips with my son. Win the big lottery. Just little things to improve on to make a better quality of life.
 Here are a few of my top highlights of this past year.......

My son got a new kayak. This was a big deal for us since it opened up a whole new world of kayaking and fishing that he can now be apart of with out the struggles of his other bathtub, I mean kayak.

Which in turn added more time we could spend together. At least once a week we were going out after he got it. Many a sunset fell below the lake's horizon while we paddled around.

I did fly fish more this year than I have in a long time. Just trying to get back to those days where it was more fun to be out on the water......just to be on the water.

Many, many, many fish were caught and released. It's amazing how many fish you catch when you actually get on the water to fish. (rolling eyes). I made it a point to get out more this year, and I did.

And of course the best part of the year in kayaking and camping.....our Pecos River Adventure. Truly the highlight of my year. Best 40th birthday I ever had. :)

Our trip to Woodward Ranch was the best family vacation in recent memory.

I somehow got the eye of Orvis and they put my video on their website. Pretty cool.

There were so many great things it's impossible to mention all of the blessing we received this past year. So hopefully this new year will bring us more of these blessings and a ton more fish.

Thanks for coming along on this journey.

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