Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frustrating but Beautiful Day on the River

While lots of the US is getting snowed in, it was another beautiful day here on the South Concho. It started off a bit chilly at 30, but warmed up to 60 by noon. As I had said in another post, I was going out today to try out some new furled leaders. I was not impressed and quite a bit frustrated, but was able to get on the water and catch some fish.

It was smooth paddling at the put in after I dropped the kids off at school, got on the water by 8:15.


The weather was great, albeit a bit chilly first off, but after about an hour I had to start shedding some layers. Fortunately I brought some gloves or things might have been a little rough. And the wind was also being a pal today.

On this stretch of the South Concho, there is a spot that gets real shallow, 1-2 inches of swift water over smooth rock. I had a weird idea to try and not leave another layer of yak there today so I decided to give the cart a try at that spot. It should work just fine. This is at the edge of the real shallow stretch.

Well, that didn't work as good as it did in my mind last night. I gave a shot and got about a foot before I needed to tighten it up, so I did....and the (choice word) strap snapped off at the buckle, right in half. So I got to lug that dumb thing and all it's weight over the rocks. :(

But after that, things got better. I had a cookie and a diet coke and gathered my fishing thoughts. I had about a dozen perch and a bass in about fifteen minutes. As I moved on and battled my fly rod, I caught a few more bass. At least the fish didn't care too much of the rough casts. All the bass were small, with the biggest being 1.5 pounds.


Overall a great day on the water with some nice scenery.



I will try the furled leaders again, maybe with some more guidance, but I think I will have a better backup just in case I start getting that frustrated feeling again. I still can't complain. Beautiful day, beautiful fish, and I wasn't sitting behind my desk daydreaming of the river....that will be there for me tomorrow. :)

Thanks for coming along,


  1. I agree on the furled leaders. I'm perfectly happy with a nylon leader so why switch to something that is stiffer and picks up water. Sure, it'll last a long, long time but I don't see that overcoming the downside. Congrats on catching river bass when it's 30 degrees.

    1. Thanks Jimmy. After checking with lots of folks, I think my tippet was way too long. I'm going to try it out again at 24" and see where that leads me. If not, they will go back in the bag for emergencies only. :)