Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Story of my Life

"The art of fly fishing is not easily mastered. But the art of humility...now that,  I am a master."    -Great Scott

 While going through my normal daily forum reads, I came across a thread that got me thinking about this particular river trip. They were talking about people getting up in your space while fishing and other courtesy problems. A lot of good points were made. The one thing that made me laugh was the fact that some wanted 100ft or more of space in each direction even on a busy river. This is where I started chuckling about how much space I have to fish, usually a mile or more in each direction, and still can't keep my fly in the water half the time. Which is why I have to fish alone I guess.lol. It was late November, judging by the sweet beard of course, and things just weren't going as planned. Oh, there were plenty of fish caught, no wind, and an absolutely gorgeous day, but I couldn't keep my fly line out of the trees and brush to save my life. Which is were the phrase "that's the story of my life" fits in. So, there at the bottom of the cutting room floor, I have these clips I put together as a sort of  testament to being ok with not being the best fly caster, or a great fisherman for that matter. I have a passion for fishing which brings relaxation, fun, and adventure.....and that's all I need. Hope you in enjoy my "less than picture perfect skills.  :)

Thanks for coming along,

The Story of my Life from Scott Gartman on Vimeo.

Nikon D7000 and Go Pro
Music: Fading Night - Let the rain fall down

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