Thursday, December 5, 2013

Black Friday Fishing

What a great Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for. I surprised myself this year with the amount of food available and how little I ate. Lunch was great here in Angelo, and headed to Abilene soon after for supper with the in-laws. Lots of good looking grub, but I was still full from lunch. By the time I was getting hungry, it was time to head back to San Angelo. No supper for me. Oh well, I guess it's not a terrible idea for me to miss a meal now and again. My boat sits a little higher in the water when I do.

My wife had the privilege of getting to work at 11pm to 5am going into Black Friday, then from 2pm until 10pm that day. We were all less than thrilled with the schedule, but we were going to make the best of it. So, me and the kids headed back to Abilene early that morning with the high hopes of getting on the water with Danny, my bro in law. After a big meal with my wife's family at Dennys, we headed to their house to get the boat ready. I loaded my fishing arsenal into his boat and left my daughter and sis in law to go shopping and gingerbread house building. Their creations.....

Finally got on the water by 1:30. The wind got there a bit earlier and let us know who was in charge. It was a nice 15-20mph. Yuck. The wind as usual. I had daydreams of fighting fish, but within minutes of pulling up to the ramp I knew our biggest fight would be this windy gal...and the biggest catch would be a cold. :(

 The fishing was slow to say the least. Just a couple of hookups that ended in disappointment the first hour. The water was very low and was kinda depressing to see all the docks way, way out of the water. We hit a few humps trying to get something to notice my over-priced lures. Yet they remained closed mouth and hidden....wish I could say the same about our good pal Windy. We hid in the few coves that were available and fished the dog out of them knowing there wasn't anything there. But it gave us purpose and validated the fact that we were indeed more determined than most to try and brave the waters on such a day for a couple of scrawny fish we had no intention of keeping.

 The waves were an odd sort that afternoon. Very choppy with a rogue biggun thrown in there every once in a while. Including the one I saw and vocalized it's existence, but was ignored and ultimately drenched when it crashed over the side.

 Still an awesome day on the water with my bro in law and son. The fish outsmarted us, and from what I heard from the other couple of fisherman out there that day, they had outsmarted the lot of us. They may have won this battle today, but the war is far from over and we will sing our victory song. Well, maybe we'll just hum it on the way home, we're still cold and tired.

FISH - 1, WIND - 1, US - O

Thanks for coming along,

camera for the day:Fuji Finepix XP60 and gopro

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