Friday, December 13, 2013

Between the Fronts

I went out to Lake Nasworthy hoping the weather would hold up for me. It's been freezing, then warm, then cold, get the picture. I dressed in layers, but by the time the boat was in the water, I had already shed one of them. The winds were supposed to be less than 5mph as they stated the day before. Nope. The winds started at 10mph and went on up. It really wasn't that bad at first, so I decided to head towards the dam, since it usually catches the brunt of the wind by mid-day.


 As I approached I noticed the wind had already gotten there, but was willing to endure it and get the early morning bite on. So I shut the motor down about 40 yards from the rip rap and I dropped the trolling motor and pressed the foot control. Nothing. Say what? I started to hurry and fiddle with it as the winds blew me closer to the rocks. I look up and I am half the distance as when I killed the engine. I quickly raise up to crank up the motor and give me some time. SPLASH. What was that????? I look over the side to see my pedestal seat slowly sinking. AHHHH!!! I quickly reach in the 46 degree water and grab it. Apparently my coat pocket had snagged the seat as I raised up from the trolling motor and in it went. I sat there for a second thinking how close that came to losing my good fishing seat and then Whoa...Holy Moly, i'm only 8 feet from the rock and the wind keeps pushing. I jumped in the driver seat and cranked it up just in time to turn and not get slammed into the rocks. I went out a good 200 yards and stopped to figure out what the crap was going on. Stepped on the just fine. Bad connection. So back to the drivers seat, back to the riprap and back to fishing.

 As the winds picked up I moved over to the reeds and more windbreak areas. There was a ton of air traffic. Choppers, Navy planes, you name it. It was loud at times, but always interesting to me as they fly around.

The winds had picked up and were 15-25mph. I was able to find some relief in the reeds which was nice. I know lots of folks fish in the wind, for tourneys, or whatever, but is it too much to ask for a calm day when I finally get a chance to get out there? I'm not fishing tourneys at the moment, i'm supposed to be having fun, relaxing. But that wind can blow the good times on down the river. I found a great spot with some relief. It was real shallow, but it was nice to sit back and cast.....and enjoy my new captain's chair I recently added to my arsenal. What a great back saver!

Captain's Chair
Wind Break the old saying goes, A bad day on the water is better than a good day at work. Ain't dat da truth. lol. I'm just glad I got off the lake when I did. The winds were a constant 20mph. And of course I use a boat ramp that has that 20mph as a crosswind.

I had a great time as usual with not a lot to show for it as far as fishing goes. Had a few good hookups, but nothing to sing loudly about. Only one dink for the day. But hey, I was on the water, I was fishing, I was relaxing...can't think of anything else i'd rather be doing.

Thanks for coming along,

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