Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Story of my Life

"The art of fly fishing is not easily mastered. But the art of humility...now that,  I am a master."    -Great Scott

 While going through my normal daily forum reads, I came across a thread that got me thinking about this particular river trip. They were talking about people getting up in your space while fishing and other courtesy problems. A lot of good points were made. The one thing that made me laugh was the fact that some wanted 100ft or more of space in each direction even on a busy river. This is where I started chuckling about how much space I have to fish, usually a mile or more in each direction, and still can't keep my fly in the water half the time. Which is why I have to fish alone I guess.lol. It was late November, judging by the sweet beard of course, and things just weren't going as planned. Oh, there were plenty of fish caught, no wind, and an absolutely gorgeous day, but I couldn't keep my fly line out of the trees and brush to save my life. Which is were the phrase "that's the story of my life" fits in. So, there at the bottom of the cutting room floor, I have these clips I put together as a sort of  testament to being ok with not being the best fly caster, or a great fisherman for that matter. I have a passion for fishing which brings relaxation, fun, and adventure.....and that's all I need. Hope you in enjoy my "less than picture perfect skills.  :)

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The Story of my Life from Scott Gartman on Vimeo.

Nikon D7000 and Go Pro
Music: Fading Night - Let the rain fall down

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pecos River 2013 Video

I finally had a chance to finish and upload our Pecos River video we took back in November. It is about 18 minutes long, which is quite long for youtube, but I felt I needed to leave it as it is and not edit anymore out. Mainly because, I remember while researching for the trip, how few videos and trip reports there were that were recent. So I decided to make this for me and my family, and for those who want to check out the area before they make the long trip down there....and for those who have made the trip and want to reminisce for a little while. Hope you enjoy.


Cameras Used:
Nikon D7000
Fuji Finepic XP60
2 GoPros
Adobe Premiere Pro

Friday, December 13, 2013

Between the Fronts

I went out to Lake Nasworthy hoping the weather would hold up for me. It's been freezing, then warm, then cold, then...you get the picture. I dressed in layers, but by the time the boat was in the water, I had already shed one of them. The winds were supposed to be less than 5mph as they stated the day before. Nope. The winds started at 10mph and went on up. It really wasn't that bad at first, so I decided to head towards the dam, since it usually catches the brunt of the wind by mid-day.


 As I approached I noticed the wind had already gotten there, but was willing to endure it and get the early morning bite on. So I shut the motor down about 40 yards from the rip rap and I dropped the trolling motor and pressed the foot control. Nothing. Say what? I started to hurry and fiddle with it as the winds blew me closer to the rocks. I look up and I am half the distance as when I killed the engine. I quickly raise up to crank up the motor and give me some time. SPLASH. What was that????? I look over the side to see my pedestal seat slowly sinking. AHHHH!!! I quickly reach in the 46 degree water and grab it. Apparently my coat pocket had snagged the seat as I raised up from the trolling motor and in it went. I sat there for a second thinking how close that came to losing my good fishing seat and then Whoa...Holy Moly, i'm only 8 feet from the rock and the wind keeps pushing. I jumped in the driver seat and cranked it up just in time to turn and not get slammed into the rocks. I went out a good 200 yards and stopped to figure out what the crap was going on. Stepped on the controller...works just fine. Bad connection. So back to the drivers seat, back to the riprap and back to fishing.

 As the winds picked up I moved over to the reeds and more windbreak areas. There was a ton of air traffic. Choppers, Navy planes, you name it. It was loud at times, but always interesting to me as they fly around.

The winds had picked up and were 15-25mph. I was able to find some relief in the reeds which was nice. I know lots of folks fish in the wind, for tourneys, or whatever, but is it too much to ask for a calm day when I finally get a chance to get out there? I'm not fishing tourneys at the moment, i'm supposed to be having fun, relaxing. But that wind can blow the good times on down the river. I found a great spot with some relief. It was real shallow, but it was nice to sit back and cast.....and enjoy my new captain's chair I recently added to my arsenal. What a great back saver!

Captain's Chair
Wind Break

Still....as the old saying goes, A bad day on the water is better than a good day at work. Ain't dat da truth. lol. I'm just glad I got off the lake when I did. The winds were a constant 20mph. And of course I use a boat ramp that has that 20mph as a crosswind.

I had a great time as usual with not a lot to show for it as far as fishing goes. Had a few good hookups, but nothing to sing loudly about. Only one dink for the day. But hey, I was on the water, I was fishing, I was relaxing...can't think of anything else i'd rather be doing.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Fort Phantom Slideshow Trial Run

I was searching around online for different slideshow templates for After Effects and ran across this one. It seemed pretty cool, just a bit long at the beginning. So I chopped the first 15 seconds, then sped up the next few seconds until the pics show up. Added some music and away we went. This was just a trial run trying to find something to use for a few future projects. It turned out alright.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Black Friday Fishing

What a great Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for. I surprised myself this year with the amount of food available and how little I ate. Lunch was great here in Angelo, and headed to Abilene soon after for supper with the in-laws. Lots of good looking grub, but I was still full from lunch. By the time I was getting hungry, it was time to head back to San Angelo. No supper for me. Oh well, I guess it's not a terrible idea for me to miss a meal now and again. My boat sits a little higher in the water when I do.

My wife had the privilege of getting to work at 11pm to 5am going into Black Friday, then from 2pm until 10pm that day. We were all less than thrilled with the schedule, but we were going to make the best of it. So, me and the kids headed back to Abilene early that morning with the high hopes of getting on the water with Danny, my bro in law. After a big meal with my wife's family at Dennys, we headed to their house to get the boat ready. I loaded my fishing arsenal into his boat and left my daughter and sis in law to go shopping and gingerbread house building. Their creations.....

Finally got on the water by 1:30. The wind got there a bit earlier and let us know who was in charge. It was a nice 15-20mph. Yuck. The wind as usual. I had daydreams of fighting fish, but within minutes of pulling up to the ramp I knew our biggest fight would be this windy gal...and the biggest catch would be a cold. :(

 The fishing was slow to say the least. Just a couple of hookups that ended in disappointment the first hour. The water was very low and was kinda depressing to see all the docks way, way out of the water. We hit a few humps trying to get something to notice my over-priced lures. Yet they remained closed mouth and hidden....wish I could say the same about our good pal Windy. We hid in the few coves that were available and fished the dog out of them knowing there wasn't anything there. But it gave us purpose and validated the fact that we were indeed more determined than most to try and brave the waters on such a day for a couple of scrawny fish we had no intention of keeping.

 The waves were an odd sort that afternoon. Very choppy with a rogue biggun thrown in there every once in a while. Including the one I saw and vocalized it's existence, but was ignored and ultimately drenched when it crashed over the side.

 Still an awesome day on the water with my bro in law and son. The fish outsmarted us, and from what I heard from the other couple of fisherman out there that day, they had outsmarted the lot of us. They may have won this battle today, but the war is far from over and we will sing our victory song. Well, maybe we'll just hum it on the way home, we're still cold and tired.

FISH - 1, WIND - 1, US - O

Thanks for coming along,

camera for the day:Fuji Finepix XP60 and gopro