Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Fly Box

 I recently purchased the NRS Chinook PFD from Austin Canoe and Kayak. This is by far the best life jacket I have ever had. The high back is perfect for my Skwoosh kayak seat and I can leave the thing on all day without it ever becoming uncomfortable. Lots of room for stuff in that thing. But enough of that, this is about the fly box quest, not comfy pfd's. 
 I needed a new fly box to fit in the pockets of the chinook. The biggest outdoor store around these parts is academy, which of course, stopped selling anything fly related. So the search online was on. It's a small pocket so it had to fit just right. I finally found one that looked like it would work and ordered it. It is the Orvis Double sided waterproof Small flybox.
dim.1½"H x 5"L x 4"W.

It's a little pricy for such a tiny box, $14.95, but it is two sided and waterproof. That and with a name like Orvis, it better be good. It seems to be a very rugged little box with a good tight seal on both sides. I was worried about the clearance I would have with my #4-6 wooly buggers and clousers. As you can see, there is plenty of room for tons of flies in that size range. 

These are all in sizes ranging from #4-8.

The main reason I needed this box was for my new Chinook PFD. Does it work? Oh yeah....perfectly. I'm not sure if NRS got the size right, or orvis got it right, but either way, it's a great fit. It worked so good, I went ahead and ordered another one....since I have another pocket and a ton of flies. I have used this now for about a month on several outings and have really grown to appreciate how much punishment they can take. 

 Here in this part of Texas, getting to the great fishing spots takes a lot of effort....and a Kayak/Canoe. It's never just "get out of the car" and start fishing. There's a ton of pulling, pushing, scraping, falling, dragging, cussing, and tripping. But it's all worth it once you get out of the earshot of humans, and begin a journey the river wants you to take. 
One I fight for...everytime.

Here fishy fishy fishy.


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