Monday, October 28, 2013

I Brought the Winds to the Lake

I haven't taken out the big boat since the first weekend in June. I can't stand being on the water with all those yahoos everywhere. Summer's over, Fall has begun, and the lake has returned to a manageable level of crazy, and it's getting that time for me to get back out on the big water. Well, as big as it gets around here. The winds were not as fun as I had wished they would be. 15-25 mph with gusts up to 29 it said. I knew it would be a wet ride, but I was undeterred. It ended up being a nice afternoon on the water. The boat ran great, even with a few minor battery issues. I spent a lot of the time finding spots I could fish where I didn't feel like a sail at the front of the boat.

I did find a few spots that gave me a small break from the constant winds.

It felt great to finally get out again. I spent two days trying to get the battery charged, had to get the trailer registered, and didn't think I would ever get on the water. Although the fish were being shy, I worked every spot I could that wouldn't blow the lure back into my face.

Here's to another great day.


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