Saturday, October 26, 2013

Flea Market Find

We rarely ever stop at those things, but a few months ago we went by the Flea market at Buffalo Gap just to pass some time. While walking around I came across a fella with a ton of fishing gear and some fly reels. I found one I really liked and he was asking $50 for a Pflueger Trion 1990 in really good shape. I had just recently bought a new setup, and my wife was with me giving me the evil eye, so I passed. But I have been wanting a 9/10 for a long time. After research on it, it retails new for $100-$150 bucks. We were back in the area last weekend and stopped by again, without the wife, and the guy was closing up, but I asked to see the reel again. He said $30 bucks would get it. Sold. Great reel, very smooth, and will be a nice workhorse for some of my bigger flies. Now, on for the rod search.

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