Friday, October 25, 2013

A Quick Run for the River

Wednesday began as any other, work work work. Then at 12:30, I had the opportunity to leave and I flew out the door. I raced home, grabbed my yak and gear, and hauled to the river. I decided it was a fly fish only trip today. I was on the water by 1:30 chunkin my first fly. The wind was light and it was in the mid 70's. An absolutely gorgeous afternoon for just about anything, especially fishing. The South Concho was higher than it has been in a long time, with a great flow. I barely scraped walking the shallows.

The fish were hyper. Well, I should say, the perch were hyper. There were some crappie sized perch hitting my line over and over. I pulled in upwards of 30 in just a few hours on the water.


I also caught quite a few bass. Most were around the 12-14 inch range....

 ...with a few smaller ones, like this little dude.

 Overall, an awesome day, with a boat load of fish caught and released. I tried a few different flies. Wooly Bugger, Clouser, and a big ol #6 plug, that chunked like a dream on my heavier rod. This was exactly what I needed this week. A chance to just get away from everything and everyone....for just a little bit.

  Even had a couple pals join the fun, but i'm pretty sure they were having fun of their own.

What I would give to be able to get out like this every week. I might have a little better attitude.

 Thanks for coming along.


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