Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Trailer Modification

I have this old boat trailer that would make a great kayak trailer, but I ran into a problem. I forgot to learn to weld. So I am trying to figure out a different way to do it. Well, nothing I came up with had the strength that welding would give. Plan B, ask my buddy if he could, and he said sure, no problem. But I know how busy he is. Family, work, side jobs, and of course all the "good pal" stuff. Way too busy for a freebie, but we dropped it off at his house to get in line with all the other "i'll get to when I can" projects. That was a few months ago. Then I had an idea. What about my flatbed trailer? Wait, where is my flatbed trailer? Oh yeah, my brothers house. Off I went. I bought it in 2000, but stopped using for my side job about 5 years ago. He needed it for a weekend and there it has sat for all these years. It needs some minor work and new tires, but overall ready to go.
 I thought of many ideas but settled with a simple design. The kayaks are too long to leave on the floor, so I built it level with the top rail. Kayaks slide on, no bending of the back, and are tied up to straps front and back. There is an eye bolt running through the bottom to attach the straps, and eye bolts on the sides through the frame. Finished project and 20 bucks later. We used it about 6 times so far and it works great. There are some things i'm going to do to it to make it better, like add foam to the boards and paint it, but for now it's perfect.....and simple.
I'll update the photos when I get a shot of it in action.


*updated photo*

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