Monday, September 23, 2013

I can Smell the Change in the Air

 Finally the best part of the year has arrived. The weather is nice and more importantly, the crowds have left the beautiful lakes and rivers for the season. Yeaaaaa. There are still a few out, but nothing like it is during the summer. Usually after Labor Day it clears out. What was once elbow to elbow on the water has now gone back to vast expanses of open water without the fear of getting run over by a rogue party boater.
 We had a few hours Sunday between Church duties and decided this would be a great opportunity to get some paddling done. After three weeks of no days off, this was a welcome opportunity. We also brought along the rods and setup since we have been just getting used to the new yak and not fishing much. Today we would fish. So we loaded up the Prowlers and away we went.
 We hung close around the docks as we made our way towards the bridge. It was an easy 2 mile trip. Calm winds and very few boats. As we rounded one corner I started casting at a good looking dock with a 6 inch texas rigged lizard. Boom. Fish on. I got him up and weighed just under 3 pounds. During the fight I didn't notice the crowd on the dock near us that had gathered to watch the catch. I waved and gave my "I do this all the time, but please no autographs" look. lol.
Suddenly we noticed the time had gotten away from us and it was time to haul back to the truck. We got back to the house and unloaded with just enough time to change clothes, comb hair, and race to Church. About half way through the sermon, I scratched the ol nose and caught the unmistakable wiff of bass still on my hand. I chuckled and thanked the Lord for another great day to be alive.

 Tight Lines,

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