Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hows about...NO!

 I ran across these pics from a fishing trip a while back. The minute I saw them, I felt the same I did the day it happened.

 I had been fishing the South Concho most of the day, and I got out of the kayak to stretch my legs. About the time I was about to get back in, I noticed this fella hanging out. My crate with poles is directly behind my seat....just a few inches behind my seat. There's no telling how long it had been there, or if it was playing on the back of my collar before it got on may lines. I did the typical heebie jeebie shiver dance and proceeded to move him to a safer spot away from my yak with my paddle. I'm pretty sure those dudes are harmless....but I don't care. Not on my yak, not on my back, no way no sir. I just did a heebie jeebie shiver dance again. :)


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