Saturday, August 24, 2013


We have an upcoming kayak trip happening in November. It's going to be a tough, grueling trip with lots of miles being covered and a very desolate location. So we decided to get out and start getting used to paddling longer distances....with out my fishing arsenal. That is the toughest part, not bringing a fishing pole. The reason is, every time we go out, I end up fishing more than doing anything else. I can't help it. So not bringing it will help my attention to the paddle. Nicholas and I went two miles the other evening. Whoop de do, right? Well, we are just trying to ease into the routine. He's 12 and i'm, well, older. Two miles is easy for the Prowler 13, but a bit tough for his Frenzy. (it's a slug in the water, but takes 2 people to flip it) We know a new yak will be here before the trip, but we need to exercise them muscles. Or at least get used to the pain afterwards. Lol.


2 Mile Paddle, Lake Nasworthy

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