Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Paddles

In the quest for a smoother ride, I broke down and bought 2 new paddles for me and Nicholas. I used to have awesome paddles, but through the years and lots of miles, I ended up breaking them. So I started using my backup paddles because I didn't want to spend the money for good ones since i'm only going short distances fishing. Well the time has come to replace the backups with quality. We decided on Carlisle Magic Plus 230cm. Great paddle for a reasonable price. We only did another 2 mile run, but immediately noticed a world of difference. Those $20 paddles are for the birds. No longer will I settle for el cheapo paddles. I didn't even hurt the next day.

 I wanted to get Nicholas more used to wind and boat traffic and how that can effect, well, pretty much everything. So we started out through the no wake zones and into bigger water. The wind immediately hit us square in the face. We stuck close to the shore and boat docks as we made our way to the bridge. There were a few boats out, and we went through the proper drills when we came on their wakes. Once we got back to the no wake area near the truck we practiced deep water re-entry. Over and over. Then we just swam around and had some fun. Overall, another great evening on the water....with a little practice thrown in.

 I hate pictures from my phone, but that's all I had with me.

 Goofy kid, but cool lookin paddles. Lol

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