Tuesday, June 25, 2013

South Concho Flyfishing

Finally had a chance to get out on the water yesterday. I decided the day before that I would get out the fly gear and leave my regular arsenal at home this trip. We used to do this all the time, just not in recent years, where we just have a day every few weeks that we only bring fly gear and leave all the rest at home. I still bring the fly rod most every trip, but rarely take it out and use it.  So I wanted to change that and get back into it more. But I knew I needed to leave the rod and reels at home or else the fly rod would just sit in the boat. I am weak in the presence of the the force.  Anyway, headed to the South Concho to give it a go. I dropped in at Pugh Park in Christoval and went upstream. From the start I knew this would be a challenge. The wind was howling and the vegetation was choking a large portion on the river most the way (as it does every year around this time.), but I was undeterred. Then I got to my first "walk the yak" part of the trip. The water was a lot shallower than it has in a while. I ended up having to drag for a good distance that I normally never hit bottom. (Next time I go this way I will take the canoe, I don't mind scratching that thing up). Even with all that, I had an awesome day. I caught bass, perch, limbs, rocks, leaves, my shirt, my hat, the net, and my finger. I can't wait to get out again. It was a lot of work, but was so much more fun.

I caught soooo many dang perch. Upwards of 40. No kidding. Seemed like every cast for a while, so I went with a bigger fly. That thinned them out some. At least made it more fun, when their not 3 inches long. lol

I decided I had enough dragging and left the yak and continued on for a little ways.

The fly of the day was the olive wooly bugger. Tried a few others, but this is what looked good enough to eat that day. One of my boxes is just for all my bass flies. Some I tied, some I bought, and some were given. I love collecting these things.

I can't wait to get out there again.

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