Saturday, June 8, 2013

Building A Deck

No, not the kind of deck you might be thinking. This is for the boat. I realized very quickly how little room I had at the bow of the boat. Without the front pedestal seat there's plenty of room, but add that in there and it gets a bit cramped. And if I sit in the seat and turn around toward the stern, my feet dangle off. So I decided I want more room. Didn't realize how much work this would be. It took most my Sunday afternoon to complete. I am not a carpenter, nor resemble anything close to one, but it turned out pretty good.
 Still need to do a formal test. I used it for about half an hour before I had to leave the lake. I need to get out for a day and give it a go.

I was hoping to find a kit that would save me time, but there aren't any out there for my boat. Only ones I can find are guys to build it for you. I don't believe my bride will allow me to spend that kind of money on a "I sure could use a bit more room up here" idea. I ended up with $75 price and about 5 hours of time.


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