Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

My son and I got on the water the other day and started to realize he is outgrowing his kayak. It's a great ride and extremely stable, but is very slow. It's a nine footer, which was perfect when I got it for him a few years ago, but he's having to do twice as much work to stay up with me.

These were a few years ago when it was the perfect size for him.


The Frenzy is like a slug in the water, but you can stand up and dance in it, if the need arises. There are a bunch of people who use this in the surf to run baits, which it's perfect for that. But we are usually covering some ground, and he's always struggling to keep up. So now we are faced with a new decision....Do I buy him a new one or....Do I get a new one and let him have my old one? I kinda like that last one. Lol.

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