Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pecos River of our Past....Pandale Pt 1

About 60 river miles north of the Pecos and Rio Grande confluence lays a tiny town called Pandale. A hot spot in the spring and summer for canoeists and the crowds that live within 60 or so miles of the area. The river is narrow in most parts, and swift moving. I first came to Pandale in the nineties, and just like Highbridge, have kept coming back ever since. Even when the drought had nearly all but strangled the lower river sections, you could always count on the Pecos at Pandale. Although if in canoe or kayak, there might be more dragging some years than others.
Pandale Crossing Mid-1990's

Down river, maybe a mile from the bridge in Pandale


A lot of years were spent fishing, exploring, and camping on the river back then. It was another world I was fortunate to find. Strangest thing,  it was a different world than just down river a ways.

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