Friday, February 22, 2013

Serenity on the Water....Not!

It was just one for those days where being on the water took priority over everything else. 70 degrees and calm winds. The lake was like glass as I headed out about 10 am. I started fishing around the docks with little luck, but then I grew tired of the monotony of the cast and reel and took off to check out some new ground. I got to a spot on the south end of the lake that was gorgeous and looked like prime fishing. I couldn't help but notice how still and peaceful everything was.

 I sat down on the back chair and just looked around a while......until this fella decided to take away all that was holy and quiet.

 He was a monster. They must have been doing military training since he kept circling and fake landing for nearly an hour and a half. Sometimes I swear I could have reached up and touched the tail he was flying so low. Didn't help I was lined up with the runway he was landing on. At first I was in awe of such a huge plane, but then I grew tired of the rumbling and moved on.

Still an awesome day on the water. My skunk is still attached as I left the lake without a catch, but that's not really why I was out there to begin with.

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