Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Well Needed Day Off

 It's been nearly six weeks since I have been able to get on the water. Work has gone crazy and you have to get it while you can. Hopefully this will be the longest stretch until next year. It's always tough around this time, but six weeks really stinks. So I was extremely excited to be able to get out on Tuesday. The weather was beautiful with a expected high of 90 and a light wind, which ended up being 15-20. (far from light, but oh well)
 It started out a little frustrating since I realized after fifteen minutes down the highway to the river, I forgot to pick up my poppers I had made a few days before. Grrrrr. Who cares, i'm not turning around.
I dropped in at 8am and started having the time of my life. It's amazing how good that kayak seat feels when you've been out of it for a while. I couldn't of asked for a prettier morning.

The fishing was slow at first, but we finally agreed on what they wanted for breakfast.

Most of the catches were small, but so much fun. Especially after the first fish that washes any chance of getting skunked away. After that, it's all gravy. Even the first portage around a dam wasn't so bad with 2 fish in the boat and only 45 minutes in.

 Right after the dam, there is a stretch I always like to hit on the fly. It has plenty of swift moving water that drops off into a rocky ledge and into a bigger area.

 And since I left my dang new poppers at the house, I had to settle for the ol' faithful Wooly Bugger to chunk at those finicky dudes.

There is just something about catching a nice fish on a fly rod. It makes it even better when it's on a fly you've tied. I guess that's why I like to take photos of some of the "bigger" little fish. It makes you feel pretty proud of yourself.

Then the uppity fish gets all camera shy and slaps your camera.

There was one I caught, that out of all the years on this river, I don't remember ever catching down there. I wasn't sure what it was called, but after help from some pals, it is a Rock Bass also called Warmouth. Very cool red eyes. It was a fighter, and was also told they are born angry and stay that way.

 Anddddd since i'm not going to bore anyone with a long video of small fish, here's a couple of action photos.


Overall, another awesome day on the water. The fish were small, but plentiful. I didn't get a final count mainly because the pan fish while flyfishing were up in the twenties just by themselves. I know I had 11 bass, and not one of them over 18 inches.

It's looking as if my days off won't get normal for a few more weeks, but i'll take whatever I can get. It's amazing after working day in day out, I just don't mind the pushing, pulling, dragging, stumbling, and everything in between, that it takes to get a little piece of mind.

Thanks for coming along,

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Quick Popper Fix

 I realized a few days ago that some day soon I will have a day off again. Things are starting to slow down and I can feel the excitement. It's been over a month since I was on the water, it's looking good for this week. My only problem is i'm down on poppers. I've given a bunch away and lost a couple last time I was out. So tonight it was time to tie. I already had a bunch painted and ready, so I whipped out all my tying gear and got to work. I ended up with only five since I was watching the Cowboys vs. Saints and it was quite a distraction.
 Overall, the poppers turned out pretty good. There were a few problems that kept plaguing me like thread breaks, tyer error, broken feathers, torn legs, and the Saint's suddenly coming back to life in the second half . But everything worked out...the cowboys and the poppers. :)

I had fun coming up with different ways to do them. They should all have great action on the water, especially the ones with the wider bodies. We'll have to see this week. I can't wait.

Thanks for coming along,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Poppin' Right Along

I finished a few poppers a couple of weeks ago to send to a fella who had his gear stolen. They turned out pretty cool. I was finishing one of them, my son came through and said, "that looks like those little ones you do, you should call it the "Wooly Popper". So shall it be called...

                                                                    The Wooly Popper

Here were a few others I did that night.

Thanks for coming along,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Slimming Down the Tackle - Speedbag 3600

I've been trying to figure out which direction I wanted to go after I lost most my "good" fishing gear in the flash flood a few months ago. I have been in the process for about a year, trying to bring a less bulky tackle bag. I realized through this process,(and really trying to pay attention), how much I actually use and what I don't. I think since I was forced to start over, I was able to slim it down considerably. I will never be a real "ultralight" guy, but i'm starting to get closer. Here is my new "skinny" kayak tackle bag.....

I'm using a Plano Speedbag 3600. I bought 3 Plano 3640 Waterproof StowAway boxes to replace the one's that came with it. One has a variety of cranks, pop r's, spinners, etc that I like for the areas I fish. I have a hook/weight box since I spend so much time with plastics. I also added my catfishing hooks and weights for when we have a chance to kick back in forked stick country. The last box is for my flies. My poppers, buggers, clousers, and various flies that produce on the rivers here. I decided on doing this since I didn't have the best of luck with my waterproof fly boxes. (water resistant is what they needed to say, not waterproof)
Like I said, i'm not an ultralight guy. I have another speed bag just for plastics. Worms, lizards, hogs, senkos, you name it. But I stow that one behind me and just have the package out that i'm using.

Thanks for coming along,