Monday, February 9, 2015

Arsenal Rebuild

A few months before our Pecos River trip back in June 2014, I had decided I wanted to upgrade into a larger fly fishing setup since I was bringing a lot of my bigger poppers I made. I researched the frogs in the Trans Pecos region and found colors and patterns of that area to replicate. It was fun making them and day dreaming of the big bass I could catch with them. So I made a big batch, got a bigger fly box, and realized after my first trial run, my 8 weight setup wasn't going to do the trick. I found a 10 weight reel at a steal of a deal (i'm a poet and didn't know it) at a flea market near Abilene a year before. So I finished up the set with a 10 wt 9 foot Lefty Kreh rod, some way too pricey fly line and of course backing. I was set.


I only got to try it twice before it was time to leave for the trip. I felt very confident with this setup. Then of course the flood came on day 4 of our trip. We lost everything we had, and one of the victims of the flood, was my 10wt. Some items were found, but not many. My poppers were part of the group of things that they found 60 miles downriver and submerged for a long time. RIP

BUT...finally, after eight months, I have my 10 weight setup complete again. I had to piece it together since money's a bit tight. First the rod, then the reel, and late last week..flyline and backing.

It's about time. Now I just have to get on the water....and avoid anymore floods.

Thanks for coming along,

Monday, January 26, 2015

Beautiful Day...Stuck at Home

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Mid 60's, light breeze. But my day was already spoken for with many activities that had nothing to do with fishing. I had about an hour, and since i've stream lined my tying kit to a very simple and portable setup, I can get things going quickly. So I setup...outside.

I was just messing around with a few things, and not getting in a hurry about much. It was beautiful out there. Short sleeves and natural light. (natural light as in the sun, not the beer). I had all my materials to start working on some spinning clousers I have been wanting to try and spent a ton of the time getting those itty bitty teeny weeny #12 crane swivels onto the #1 split rings. BTW, these split ring pliers are awesome. I got about two dozen ready to go with blades attached. Then I realize that my already narrow window to tie is closing fast. I tied a clouser real fast as a refresher before I started the spinners. 

 Then about the time I got my 60 degree hook in the vise, my wife got home with all the groceries in the car...and I knew at that point, my window to tie has closed. I had a ton of prior obligations to do and had to call it a day for tying. But it was still fun...while it lasted. At least I was able to get outside and think about fishing.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Poppin' Along

Every year I am the show photographer at the Big Bend Livestock Show. Normally I have some free time in the evenings. So this year I decided to paint up some poppers and bring all my junk to tie them up in the hotel room.

Here's one about halfway through the popper process.

Here they all are after finishing the drying process. Only thing left to do is get these fellas some clothes on.

It wasn't really a problem bringing all my fly tying gear because I have storage figured out thanks to not having a permanent place at the house. Besides the table and chair which I already bring, I have my big Plano tacklebox and my vise. A little bulky, but nothing too bad.

As I was sitting there getting things together, I realized with all the added space my hotel room had, I could work on a few fly fishing video projects I have been thinking about for a while. In my mind, it was only going to be a small part to the project i'm working on, but an important part since it could start with the beginning process of the tie. It was a little more time consuming than I expected, but was fun to play around.

After getting the video I needed, it was getting late so I hit the hay. I figured I could finish tying them up the next few days. Wrong. I was busy and getting back late each night. And I sure didn't feel like tying when I got back. So back in the box they went until another day. They did serve a purpose and i'm glad I brought them along. Now if I can just find some time to tie now that i'm back home.

Thanks for coming along,

Monday, January 12, 2015

Crazy few weeks

It's amazing how everything seems to hit all at once, then goes away just as quick. Christmas time was less than fun with my wife's mother in ICU and making the 3 hour round trip nearly everyday. My wife stayed up there, but work was so busy so I couldn't just go and stay, so I drove up there 12 out of the 14 days. She passed away on the 28th and the funeral was on New Year's Eve in one of the worst ice storms that area had in many years. We got back home New Year's Day to a broken heater and the house in the upper 40's. Fortunately we knew a guy, who knew a guy, who knew a guy. Within a few hours, there was warmth again. But there was no time to sit back and take it easy. I had a huge photo job coming up and had to get everything in order since it was quite a distance away and would be working there for four days. I finished that this weekend, and now finally back at work so I can relax. :) I haven't even had a chance to think about fishing for weeks, and that's gotta change.

I did get a few hours to play around with the camera while I was in between shows. Here's a few shots from Saturday. It got to 52 yesterday in Alpine, Texas.

Oh, and on a somewhat fishing note.....I FOUND MY CANOE!!!!!!

Well, I didn't find it, someone found it on google maps and let us know. This is from the June flood that took everything we had, and nearly us as well. You can see the red thang on the left side of the photo. It's about a mile from where we camped, and up in a mesquite grove. Crazy that it stayed so close, but most the gear went 60 miles down river into Amistad. There's not a way to retrieve it without running the river, so there it shall be, until the next flood moves it on down.

A quick recap video of that adventure.

Here was the story for those who missed our wild adventure.

In a way, i'm glad 2014 is behind us. I look forward to 2015, and a lot more great adventures.